St Chad's Catholic Primary School

Art & Design



At St Chad’s, we believe that art has a valuable role in enriching our curriculum and developing creativity.   Our curriculum has been designed to engage and inspire pupils.  Children learn about a diverse range of artists, both historical and modern and the techniques and styles they used to create their artwork.  Children are encouraged to develop a critical eye when reviewing their work, refining and improving it whilst developing their knowledge and understanding. 



Art will be taught weekly for 6 weeks in each term.  Skills and knowledge will be built upon as children move through the school.  Some art units will link to other curriculum areas such as History or English to enable children to understand the role of art in history and in modern life.  Children will develop and practise key processes of art: drawing, painting, collage and sculpture as well as having opportunities to express their creativity.  



The use of sketchbooks enables children to explore the work of artists and develop their own ideas, reviewing and modifying their work.  They will have high expectations of themselves and a vision of what they want to achieve.  Children will gain knowledge about a range of artists and understand that art can be used to voice our feelings and thoughts.  Children will see art as a tool for expression that can take many forms.


Art Overview - Sep 2022