St Chad's Catholic Primary School



At St Chad’s, we believe that Geography helps develop a greater understanding of the world and our place in it.  Children are encouraged to make links using their knowledge and skills across the geography curriculum and with other areas.

The curriculum is designed to equip children with knowledge about different places and the people who live there.  Children learn about human and physical features and as they progress through the school, they deepen their understanding of the interaction between them.

At St Chad’s, we seek to inspire curiosity about the world and its people, develop respect for the dignity of all humans and respect for God’s creation and inspire the children to care for our common home.



Geography is taught weekly for half a term in in each full term.  Key knowledge and skills are identified for each unit of learning and are mapped across the year groups to support teachers in ensuring progression.  Key vocabulary has been identified to enable children to speak as Geographers.  Retrieval activities support pupils’ in retaining knowledge and assessments are carried out at the end of each half term unit.  The local area is utilised for fieldwork and for some year groups, visits further afield allow children to follow lines of enquiry and put their knowledge and skills into context.



Geography books demonstrate a broad curriculum and evidence children’s knowledge and understanding.  As children progress through the school, they will develop their understanding of our world and the impact humans have on it.  They will be able to discuss world issues such as climate change and the impact it has on different places and people.  They will use their knowledge to inform their actions and the actions of those around them.

Geography Overview - Sep 2022