St Chad's Catholic Primary School


St. Chad’s Catholic Primary School is an inclusive and welcoming school. Here you will find lots of information that will help to explain Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).  

Which principles underpin our teaching of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)? 

 The principles underpinning the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice are that the views, wishes and feelings of the child or young person, and their parents are crucial to ensuring the best possible outcomes for the child. So at Chad’s we realise the importance of the child or young person, and their parents, participating as fully as possible in decisions; and being provided with the information and support necessary to enable participation in those decisions. We use ‘Person centred planning tools’ ensures that we understand what is important to our pupils now and in the future. 

 Our school has an open-door policy and this means you are always welcome to make an appointment to speak to your child’s class teacher or Mrs Wheatley, our SENCo. 

 What are the four areas of need? 

Communication and interaction; 

Cognition and learning; 

Social, emotional and mental health difficulties; 

Sensory and/or physical needs. 


How do we identify Special Educational Needs and Disabilities at St Chad’s? 

 Special educational provision is educational provision that is additional to or different from that made generally for others of the same age. 

  Together with the Senior Leadership Team, we ensure that Quality First Teaching is provided in every classroom. The quality and appropriateness of the overall provision is kept under regular review and its impact on the progress of the children is monitored regularly. 

​ Where a child is identified as having SEND we use the graduated approach of Assess, Plan, Do and Review. This may involve implementing appropriate evidence-based interventions. We make regular reviews of the progress made and adaptations to the support provided as required. 


What happens if my child is still experiencing difficulties? 

 Where a child continues to make little or no progress, despite well-founded support, we then involve specialists, including those from outside agencies such as Educational Psychologists (EP), Communication and Autism Team (CAT), Pupil and School Support (PSS), Sensory Support (SS), Physical Difficulties Support Service (PDSS), Speech and Language Therapists (S&LT). 

​ In cases where, despite school taking relevant and purposeful action to identify, assess and meet the needs of your child, if your child has not made expected progress we may need to prepare for an Education, Health and Care needs statutory assessment. 

 Birmingham City Council SENAR (Special Educational Needs Assessment and Review) make a decision whether or not to continue to the assessment phase based on the evidence offered.  

 SENAR will then confirm whether the plan is to progress to EHC Plan or whether the completed assessment shows that the child’s or needs could be met in other ways by the school. 


 What is an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan? 

An EHC Plan looks at all the needs that a child or young person has within education, health and care. EHC Plans extend to young people aged 25 to support young people into adulthood. 

​It is developed together with professionals and the family and they consider what outcomes they would like to see for the child or young person. This plan identifies what is needed to achieve those outcomes. 


 What is the Local Offer/SEND Information Report? 

 All schools are expected to publish information about their provision for special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This includes the 'Local Offer', which helps parents/carers understand what services they and their families can expect from a range of local agencies. Birmingham has produced a Local Offer, which is available at  

This provides parents and carers with information about services that Birmingham as a Local Authority has to offer.  Please take a look and share your views, so provision in Birmingham can be improved. St Chad's Local Offer/SEND Information Report has been produced in consultation with the Authority and parents. The 3 strands, honest communication, appropriate teaching and learning and a partnership approach which Birmingham have developed, are written into our Local Offer/SEND Information Report. 

 Please have a look at our SEND Information Report, which explains in more detail the provision we make for our SEND pupils. This is updated regularly as provision changes. We also put other information on our site for you to read or signpost you to new services or support that has become available.